Studentský Majáles Brno 17th May 2024


Studentský Majáles Brno 17th May 2024
Studenstký Majáles Brno 2024 - tickets in advance

Tickets in advance

Buy your ticket in advance. You will save money, avoid queues and you don't have to deal with anything on-site during the event day. It is the easiest way to enjoy the Studentský Majáles to the fullest. If you buy tickets in advance, you also have a chance for some price! 😎

Discounted price 199 CZK
No queues
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Studenstký Majáles Brno 2024 - tickets on-site


You can also purchase your ticket on-site, but you will probably wait in line and perhaps miss your favorite band. Tickets purchased on-site are not eligible for contest winnings. 😔

Ticket price on site is 299 CZK

How to get to us?

!! ☂ Due to weather conditions, you CAN bring an umbrella into the area ☂ !!


Festival with a music from students to everybody!
Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Poletíme

Rock, swing, punk, folk, chanson, country, and jazz all in one! Funny, poetic, and straightforward lyrics, that's Poletíme?. Campfire classics and radio hits, this Brno-based band serves up both.
#Lokomotiva #HolkyPitomy #PojdSeMnouLaskoMa

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - 58G

The Jihlava trio, which in 2023 confirmed its quality and won the Anděl Award for their rap album. The rap group, consisting of TK27, Doktor, and Humla, can boast millions of streams and is a guarantee of quality.
#VsechnoSport #VsudeKamDem #BigmanTing

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Morčata na útěku
Morčata na útěku

A rock-metal band that has been on the scene since 2004. Their work is based on parodying popular Czech songs, and let's face it, not only will you sing along, but you'll also have a good laugh! Whether you hear them for the first time or the hundredth, this crew won't disappoint!
#HledaSeDeda #DiDoPrdele! #Twajlajt

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Pam Rabbit
Pam Rabbit

A young singer and songwriter of Armenian descent, who managed to shine at the Eurovision Song Contest. Come and enjoy the POP and RnB vibe that this girl serves up. Featuring with Ben Cristovao and over 3 million streams on Spotify, this girl is simply good.
#VeStarymDome #StuckInTheCloud #We`reAllGonnaFly

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Děda Mládek Illegal Band
Děda Mládek Illegal Band

A Czech music group that primarily performs country songs by Ivan Mládek and his Banjo Band. Come and enjoy hits that you already know well but in a slightly different rendition! These guys have been entertaining people across the Czech Republic for over 20 years!
#JozinZBazin #Jez #HlasnaTreban

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Maniak

A Brno-based rapper with Russian roots, whose debut album "Husky" received a nomination for the Angel Award. He first gained recognition with his mixtape "Ach ano," which has since become a successful brand. He is known for his distinctive lyrics, linguistic richness, and energetic concerts.
#VodkaKaviar #OdRanaADoRana #Husky

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Michajlov

A Czech rapper of Ukrainian origin who is one of the prominent figures in Brno's hip-hop scene. His lyrics are truly authentic and tell about life just as it is, which has endeared him to every fan. Today, we know that in Brno, we would not find a more authentic performer.
#Konzum #SlovoChlapa #Imigrant

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - MEIZMEN (MEIZZY)

MEIZMEN (MEIZZY) is a new rap discovery of recent years. A young, bold rapper full of energy who won the prestigious talent competition The Mag W/RAP and shook up the rap scene with the song "Spokojenej boyy." We really enjoy it... and you will too!
#JinejDruh #SpokojenejBoyy #RuznyStavy

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Malalata

Two Slovaks who traditionally sell out clubs at legendary events like Balkan Bashavel and get everyone dancing in the liveliest Balkan style! Their uniform consists of striped shirts and smiles from ear to ear on everyone around. Simply divine!
#BalkanRevolution #EsteSaNejdeSpat #Tarabuka

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - I am Oscar

I am Oskar, an interpreter who prioritizes emotions in his music. Initially, music was an escape for him, and now it's his integral part, drawing inspiration from artists like Linkin Park, Lil Peep, or Bring Me the Horizon.
#SlečnáSlečna #ToběChciDátSvět #FTS

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Kapela Robin
Kapela Robin

Kapela Robin a.k.a. Guitar Hero Band 😜 consists of 4 guys who play hits from AC/DC, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and other fantastic bands. But beware, it's a show based on the Guitar Hero concept, so come sing along to the most famous tunes!
#KapelaRobin #RockHits #CrazyShow

DnB Stage
Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - X.Morph

X.Morph is a leading Czech DJ, winner of the DJ of the Year 2023 poll, and a total legend from Brno.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - GHOSTBUSTER

Ghostbuster is a living legend in Brno, promoter of renowned Bassproof events, where almost every big name from the world scene has appeared.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - KAAMA

Kaama is a newcomer on the scene, ranking a fantastic 6th place in the Bass Awards poll - after only two years of playing, it's a great success, and we'll definitely hear more about this woman.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - PORNZ

Pornz is another representative of the Brno neuro elite, a member of the Darkside crew and Redrum crew - his dark selection definitely won't leave anyone calm.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - ZAION

Zaion is a classic Brno neuro killer, his precise mixes have impressed many drum and bass event attendees in Brno.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - ADAM PLANET

Adam Planet is a liquid-funk and dancefloor drum and bass producer - come and get some new inspiration and summer vibes on our Komárov meadow.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - DJAIME

DJaime is a classic representative of dancefloor drum and bass in Brno - his selection is perfect for a sunny sunset.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - BALRON

Balron quickly established himself among the Czech neuro elite - his Neurosekanice or the latest release Přeplesk have surely been listened to by many neuro DnB fans, and you'll surely enjoy him live.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - LOKS!T

Loks!t belongs to the freshest young blood on the lineup - a member of the Bass Anatomy crew who surely won't let the baby sit in the corner!

Other activities

What else you can experience at Studentský Majáles?
Studentský Majáles Brno 2024 - Beerpong

Fun, competition, and great atmosphere all in one. Test your skills in beer pong and challenge your friends. Come join the fun! 🍻
#StudentskýMajáles #BeerpongBrno


When is who going to play?
Brno-jih STAGE Rap STAGE
15:00 Site opening
15:30 Fall&Fell
17:00 Pam Rabbit
DJ Jon Dope
18:00 I AM OSCAR
19:00 Morčata na útěku
20:30 Michajlov
21:00 Děda Mládek Illegal Band
22:00 Maniak
23:00 Poletíme?
23:30 58G
0:30 Malalata
Site opening 15:00
Adam Planet


You frequently ask us...


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. You didn't find what you were looking for? Write us at or contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

Studentský Majáles is not just for students. Exactly opposite, it is from students for everybody!
You will receive complete full-day timeline upon entering. You will also find it on our website or at the Facebook event page when the time is right.
Tickets for Studentský Majáles Brno are available in presale only for 199 CZK right here at our website. We will check-you in at the site entrance and you will not have to wait in queue.
Studentský Majáles Brno will open gates on 17.05.2024 at 15:00.
We work hard on making card payments possible as well!
We don't have an age limit for entrance. Children less than 6 y.o. have free entry. Children from age 6 to 10 (included) have discounted price of 50 CZK. All persons younger than 15 y.o. must be accompanied by a person older than 18 y.o. Alcoholic beverages are sold to people older than 18 y.o. - customer must prove his/her age by the ID card.
Children younger than 6 y.o. have free entry. Children from age 6 to 10 (included) have discounted price of 50 CZK.
Yes, ZTP holders have free entry. You can pick up your free ticket at the ticket office against showing your ZTP card.
No, ZTP escort does not have a discounted price/free entry.

Safety and security

The order, organization and safety of visitors and property in the festival area are ensured by visibly marked organizers and a professional security agency, if necessary in cooperation with the police. Every visitor to the festival is obliged to follow their instructions.

You can find a medical cross symbol on the festival area map – the medical service will be available for the entire duration of the event.
Yes. Upon entrance, you will receive an armband which serves as a ticket. You can leave the festival area and reenter it while wearing it.
You can bring 1 liter of water in the plastic bottle. Other refreshments cannot be brought inside the festival area. Above all, don't forget to bring a good mood and some money for drinks and snacks.
Yes, we welcome any photographer, who will share his festival photos with us. If you contact us in advance at, Facebook or Instagram, we can discuss possible cooperation.
It is not allowed to bring any glass containers into the festival area, including bottles, cans, selfie sticks, flammables and weapons of any kind, drugs and narcotic substances.
For safety reasons and to protect their health, dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter in the festival area.

Transportation info

How to get to and to get back from the festival?

The best way to get to the Studentský Majáles is by šalina ❤️ (tram) line 12 from Hlavní nádraží to Komárov. There will be extra connections added. Other possibilities include lines 40, 48, 49, 50, 64, 67 and 74. You always get off at the Komárov stop at the Hněvkovského street. The entrance is about 300 meters from the stop.
The site closes and the programme of Studentský Majáles Brno ends oficially at 02:00. For safe return to the city center, extra night-time šalina ❤️ (tram) connections will be provided from Komárov stop to Hlavní nádraží. It will not be possible to take any drinks out of the festival area.

Waste at the festival

We care about the nature. Therefore it is an annual tradition for us at the Studentský Majáles to promote recycling. Thanks to the cooperation with Čistý festival, you will find colorful three-bins to recycle plastics and cans, paper and mixed waste. Let's keep the festival area clean together. Thanks for recycling!

You can sort waste into special color-coded bags right on the premises. Yellow serve for sorting plastic and cans, blue for sorting paper and black for mixed waste. All waste from the sorting points are collected by the cleaning crew in special large containers, in which the waste goes to sorting and other processing - recycling.
The company EKO-KOM, which is in charge of the waste sorting system in the Czech Republic, has been awarding responsible summer festivals certification for 15 years for allowing their visitors to sort waste, ensuring their collection for recycling and keeping their grounds clean. Together with you, we thus contribute to saving up to 30 km² of nature in the Czech Republic every year.

Partners of Studentský Majáles Brno

This event is co-organized by Brno-jih city district and organized with the financial support of the statutory city of Brno and the South Moravian Region.

Improving Brno

Brňáci for Brno with Brněnské komunikace

It's great to see how Brněnské komunikace are breaking new ground in the field of innovation! Thanks to the Brňáci pro Brno app, our city will receive an upgrade to version 2.0. This smart plan will improve the way of life, making life in Brno simpler, faster, and greener. Combined with the latest technologies, we can expect cleaner air, shorter travel times, safer streets, and a more beautiful Brno. We're glad to contribute to this fantastic change and we believe that supporting this project will bring better tomorrows for our Brno.

Get inspired and get involved!

It's great that we can be part of this upgrade! The team of the Studentský Majáles Brno is utilizing the Brněnské komunikace app to improve our city. We believe that investing in modern transportation and smart technologies is not only a matter of today but also of tomorrow. Thanks to Brněnské komunikace, we are creating a city that is pleasant to live in and equipped for the future. Let's do this!

You can find the app available for free download here:
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Or check the web

Studentský Majáles Brno

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Festival premises

Hněvkovského 630/62c,
617 00, Brno-jih

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Studentský Majáles Brno z.s.

IČO: 06370853

adress: Pražákova 1008/69, 639 00, Brno