Studentský Majáles Brno 20th May 2023


Studentský Majáles Brno 20th May 2023
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Buy your ticket in advance. You will save money, avoid queues and you don't have to deal with anything on-site during the event day. It is the easiest way to enjoy the Studentský Majáles to the fullest. If you buy tickets in advance, you also have a chance for some price! 😎

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You can also purchase your ticket on-site, but you will probably wait in line and perhaps miss your favorite band. Tickets purchased on-site are not eligible for contest winnings. 😔

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Festival with a music from students to everybody!
Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Pokáč

We can't even imagine Studentský Majáles without Pokáč anymore. ❤️ Folk songwriter with a great sense of humour. He is well-known for his funny songs about everyday life. Either playing guitar or ukulele, fun is always granted. Brace yourself for a huge dose of positive energy with Pokáč!
#MamDomaKocku, #MatfyzakNaDisku, #VymlacenyEntry

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Gleb

Verbal machine gun from Ružinov, Bratislava and an absolute unique. 💯 Gleb brought nylon jackets, drum ́n ́bass samples and most importantly uncoated ordinariness and authenticity into current rap. 😎 A little antisocial, a little punk, a little professional. 🎤
#PaPa, #Alibababigbass, #Gauc&Bass

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Lenny

Worldwide known singer, 📣 who has been a significant character not only for Czech, but pan-European music scene for many years. Most known for her album Hearts,💜 which moved the European pop scene. She appeared on the main billboard on Times Square, New York. 🏙 And you can now hear her hits on our Studentský Majáles on 20th May 2023. 🤩
#Hell.o, #LoversDo, #Enemy

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Michal Horák
Michal Horák

📣 The Golden Nightingale Discovery of the Year 2021 award winner 🏅. He tunes folk music and accompanies himself on guitar or piano. Catchy and playful lyrics and melodies will conjure a smile on your face and enlighten this year's Studentský Majáles Brno! 🤩
#ZDiplomkyNemamNic #PlanyJdou

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - AJ Brix
AJ Brix

AJ Brix is a rapper 🎙️ and well known YouTube artist 🎬 who performs on a social media in groups PIMPS and BETA. He started making music two years ago and in that time he managed to come out with multiple hits! 🤩 His most succesful hits include Tracey, No Limit in collab with Earth 🌍 and has over 2 mil. plays on Spotify 🎶 and Nějaká doma which is one of his latest assets.
#NoLimit #Tracey #NejakaDoma

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - UDG

Catchy lyrics and an unbelievable energy of live concerts! 🎸 Pop-rock band from Ústí nad Labem has several hits in their portfolio. UDG is coming to Brno and will make Studentský Majáles 2023 dance to the rhythms of their top hits!💪🔥
#Pristav, #Kurtizana, #JesteJednou

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Malalata

Energetic Slovak DJ duo who combine Balcan rhythms beats, Caribbean reggae and more unusual styles into original sets. 🎶 Under MALALATA duo, not only Czechoslovak cities danced, but also Berlin, Wien, Antwerp, Vilnius, Valleta or even Japan or Mexico. 🏯🛕🏢 Now these world-famous DJs come to us to Studentský Majáles Brno where everybody dances. 🤩
#EsteSaNejdeSpat, #Tarabuka, #NocnyJazdec

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Annabelle

The Angel Awards 2021 Discovery, the finalist of the national Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and rising star of the current pop 🏆 Annabelle was born in Prague and studied music in London where she performed as well 🎙️ After coming back to CZ she started working on her own music and production. Fans know her best for singles „Dadae“ 🎶 „Runnin’ Out Of F* Time“ 🎶 or „Medicine“ 🎶 which played on almost every radio station not only in the CZ 📻
#Runnin'OutOfF*Time #Dadae #Medicine

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Redzed

What❓ Do you suffer from the urgent shortage of rap and metal❓ We have a medicine for that and it's called Redzed‼️ Original rap-metalist connects rap and nu metal or heavy metal in his unordinary style. You simply have to hear this musical blast with a huge spread of genres live.🤟🎸
#RaveInTheGrave #PopAPill #StraightOuttaFlames

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Saxo Francis
Saxo Francis

Young and wild DJ & saxophonist who combines magical tones of saxophone with EDM 🎶 Thanks to this combo, he creates an unforgettable show, which charmed two world's TOP15 clubs - Papaya (#6) and Noa (#13) - on famous Zrće Beach in Croatia ☀️🌊 He is also a TV Óčko performer, a Jägermeister DJ and also Red Bull Opinion leader. Combination of the DJing and saxophone makes Saxo Francis the only pro artist of this genre in the CZ. 🎷 🎛️
#Malaga #WantU #BackToInnocence

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - ATMO Music
ATMO Music

Music band performing at the Czech scene for more than 10 years. They made many hits, played untold numbers of concert and received many awards. Last year for example The Czech Golden Nightingale in hip-hop & rap category 🏆 These guys just know how to make cool songs and play them for an unforgettable show 🤩
#Andělé #Ráno #Polety #Valerie

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Adam Mišík
Adam Mišík

Adam Mišík is not only a great singer and songwriter 🎙️, but also a talented actor and dubber 🎭. Many of you regularly see him on TV or in cinema, but a live show and moreover at our Studentský Majáles Brno... It will be unique show which we won't easily forget 🤩
#Proud #Prach #Zapomenout

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Rez
Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Meivis

This elegant gentleman is not only a great singer 🎙️, but he also rocks his guitar 🎸 like a pro. You may be wondering that you have already seen this guy 👀. And it is truly possible as he is Masaryk University student 🧑‍🎓 and also a busker, so he basically lives on the Freedom Square 😁 And BTW, he won the last year Band contest, so he has already rocked on the Studentský Majáles last year. And you can expect phenomenal show this year as well. 😉
#ProudŘeky #Pohledy #Stín

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - N_drew

N_DREW is a young DJ and producer of only 22 years old with his unique sound, which he shares at events and clubs in the Czech Republic and worldwide. He is a resident of several clubs in Moravia and performs regularly in Brno’s clubs under JK Events' head. His style differs from most DJs thanks to combining contemporary house music with older disco hits in a rhythm of Electro-House and Tech-House.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Mike Walker
Mike Walker

Mike Walker is a young DJ and producer from South Moravia. In 2021 he won a producer’s competition organized by Housemagazine Records with his single Club Comin Down. You could hear him in Brno’s clubs 7. Nebe, Sono, Sklub in Olomouc, or Camp Josef in Dubňany.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Stan Villa
Stan Villa

“Woman should be beautiful, car quick, and music loud.” I am 21 year old DJ and producer from Zlin, who combines tech&base house melodies. I love this profession, so come see for yourself on 20.05. at Studentský Majáles, we will party together, and it will be VIBE!

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Simeo

Simeo is a young DJ and producer project from Brno and Vysočina. He performed at several significant locations around the Czech Republic, where the Prague Duplex Club is the most famous. He is focusing on bass house, D&B, and dubstep. His biggest producing act is EP Evil Deeds which came out in the spring of 2023 and composes of 6 original tracks. He always tries to experiment and bring new and interesting things that define his sound.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Sickbass

Sickbass is a DJ & producer from Pardubice, where he’s been performing for 4 years. His main styles are G-House, Bass House, and Tech House.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Michael Raywen
Michael Raywen

Michael Raywen is a DJ and producer from Chrudim. He’s been active for 6 years now. He won the Mácháč contest or a remix contest Front2Back. Michael focuses on production, and his track “Puerto Rico” has over 1,5 mil. streams on Spotify. He is also known for his remix I Kissed a Girl and has done many releases at foreign labels.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - Slug

A Zlin-based artist who’s been DJing for 6 years and currently focuses on production. His last pieces include official DnB remix of Manene & Mairee - Front 2 Back or Rihanna edit. He played alongside worldwide known names during his career.

Studentský Majáles Brno 2023 - MRTY

MRTY, a DJ and a producer from Brno, who loves music and creating catchy melodies. He has played at some of the best events and in the best Brno clubs. In 2021 he released his first song on Spotify, which now has over 6 mil. streams on all platforms.


When is who going to play?
Love stage Flow stage
12:00 Otevíráme areál
13:00 Pokáč
14:00 Rez
15:30 ATMO Music
16:30 Annabelle
17:30 Lenny
18:30 Michal Horák
19:30 AJ Brix
20:30 UDG
21:30 Adam Mišík
22:30 Gleb
23:30 Redzed
Party stage
Otevíráme areál 12:00
Michael Raywen
Simeo (DnB set)
Stan Villa
Mike Walker

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Where, what, how?
Studenstký Majáles Brno 2023 - Site map

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You frequently ask us...


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. You didn't find what you were looking for? Write us at jsme@studentskymajales.com or contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

Studentský Majáles is not just for students. Exactly opposite, it is from students for everybody!
You will receive complete full-day timeline upon entering. You will also find it on our website or at the Facebook event page when the time is right.
Online in advance on our website or on-site near the entrance.
Studentský Majáles gates will open at 12:00.
The ATM will be right inside the festival site. We work hard on making card payments possible as well!
We don't have an age limit for entrance. Children less than 6 y.o. have free entry. Children from age 6 to 10 (included) have discounted price of 50 CZK. All persons younger than 15 y.o. must be accompanied by a person older than 18 y.o. Alcoholic beverages are sold to people older than 18 y.o. - customer must prove his/her age by the ID card.
Children younger than 6 y.o. have free entry. Children from age 6 to 10 (included) have discounted price of 50 CZK.
Yes, ZTP holders have free entry. You can pick up your free ticket at the ticket office against showing your ZTP card.
No, ZTP escort does not have a discounted price/free entry.

Safety and security

The order, organization and safety of visitors and property in the festival area are ensured by visibly marked organizers and a professional security agency, if necessary in cooperation with the police. Every visitor to the festival is obliged to follow their instructions.

You can find a medical cross symbol on the festival area map – the medical service will be available for the entire duration of the event.
Yes. Upon entrance, you will receive an armband which serves as a ticket. You can leave the festival area and reenter it while wearing it.
You can bring 1 liter of water in the plastic bottle. Other refreshments cannot be brought inside the festival area. Above all, don't forget to bring a good mood and some money for drinks and snacks.
Yes, we welcome any photographer, who will share his festival photos with us. If you contact us in advance at jsme@studentskymajales.com, Facebook or Instagram, we can discuss possible cooperation.
It is not allowed to bring any glass containers into the festival area, including bottles, cans, selfie sticks, umbrellas, flammables and weapons of any kind, drugs and narcotic substances.
For safety reasons and to protect their health, dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter in the festival area.

Transportation info

How to get to and to get back from the festival?

The best way to get to the Studentský Majáles is by šalina ❤️ (tram) line 12 from Hlavní nádraží to Komárov. There will be extra connections added. Other possibilities include lines 40, 48, 49, 50, 64, 67 and 74. You always get off at the Komárov stop at the Hněvkovského street. The entrance is about 300 meters from the stop.
The festival area officially closes at 01:00. In order to get back to the city center, extra night-time šalina ❤️ (tram) connections will be provided from Komárov stop to Hlavní nádraží. It will not be possible to take any drinks out of the festival area.

Waste at the festival

We care about the nature. Therefore it is an annual tradition for us at the Studentský Majáles to promote recycling. Thanks to the cooperation with Čistý festival, you will find colorful three-bins to recycle plastics and cans, paper and mixed waste. Let's keep the festival area clean together. Thanks for recycling!

You can sort waste into special color-coded bags right on the premises. Yellow serve for sorting plastic and cans, blue for sorting paper and black for mixed waste. All waste from the sorting points are collected by the cleaning crew in special large containers, in which the waste goes to sorting and other processing - recycling.
The company EKO-KOM, which is in charge of the waste sorting system in the Czech Republic, has been awarding responsible summer festivals certification for 15 years for allowing their visitors to sort waste, ensuring their collection for recycling and keeping their grounds clean. Together with you, we thus contribute to saving up to 30 km² of nature in the Czech Republic every year.

Partners of Studentský Majáles Brno

This event is organized with the financial support of the statutory city of Brno and the South Moravian Region.

Studentský Majáles Brno

Contact information
Festival premises

Hněvkovského 630/62c,
617 00, Brno-jih


Studentský Majáles Brno z.s.

IČO: 06370853

adress: Pražákova 1008/69, 639 00, Brno